about me

I’m a software engineer at Scribd working on backend-y things in Ruby/Rails.

Before I graduated, I interned with Mozilla’s Release Engineering team in SF working on Runner. Prior to that, I interned back home in Ireland with a big energy company and an enterprise field-management SaaS company.

I studied CS at Trinity College, Dublin and I used to be chairperson of the Dublin University Computer Science Society.

I currently live in San Francisco, California with my fiancée Lara and our two cats, Seamus & Heathcliff.

In my side-project time, I play around with Rust and work on getting better/faster/more comfortable with Vim. I use a programmable split keyboard because I’m a glutton for punishment who wanted to re-learn how to type (as a hobby! ohgodwhatswrongwithme).

I like my software simple, fast, and reliable. Inexplicably, I currently use a Mac.

note from adult-ish ian: I’ve had a personal site online in some capacity for nearly 4 years now. A lot has happened in that time, and I’ve grown up, at least somewhat (I have a beard now!).

Much of the content here seems like it was written by a different person and I don’t think it accurately reflects who I am now. I thought about deleting it all and starting from scratch a couple of times, but eventually decided against it. I don’t particularly like or relate to the me who wrote these, but I do think the posts reflect who I was when they were written.

For better or worse I think having a public reminder of who I was before is a solid check against my/future-me’s head from inflating too much again.