March 18, 2014

Papers We Love... Dublin?

Papers We Love is a meetup group for programmers who still love keeping in touch with academic research. There are regular meetup groups in NYC, SF, London, St. Louis and Boulder.

I think that with the explosive growth in Dublin’s tech scene that it’d be good to provide a group where engineers who are interested in keeping up with awesome current research from around the world can do so in a relaxed space. It’d also help to bridge the gap between the academic CS community in Dublin and the growing tech/startup scene, and I think that sort of cross-pollination can only be good for both communities.

I’ve only recently discovered PWL, but I’d love to help a Dublin one get off the ground. Unfortunately I’m heading to SF for the summer so it’d be a while before I could be properly involved in setting something up, but I’m more than happy to just help connect interested people and try and get a core group going for the moment.

What do people think? Shoot me a mail at ian@<this-url> if you’d be interested in setting up something like a PWL Dublin, if you’d like to sponsor it or if you just want to express your interest in attending.