Interning at Mozilla

Created by Ian Connolly / Slides available on GitHub

Hi, I'm Ian

I'm 4th Year CS and ex-DUCSS chair

This summer, I interned on Mozilla's Release Engineering team in San Francisco.

I'm going to try sell you on Mozilla, Releng, and interning abroad.

The Mozilla Project is a community dedicated to advancing the open web.

It does this by making the open-source Firefox web browser, the FirefoxOS mobile OS, and a huge number of web standards projects.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is advancing the Mozilla mission.

It wholly owns the taxable Mozilla Corporation, which employs hundreds of people to work on Mozilla projects.

Mozilla HQ, Mountain View, CA

Mozilla San Francisco, CA

Interning at Mozilla

Internship Programme

  • Apply to specific team.
  • Assigned a mentor on the team.
  • Almost certainly co-location'ed with mentor.
  • Mozilla handles visa, flights, and accomodation
  • Also, paid upper-market rate and free laptop!

Mozilla differences

  • Significant number of team-mates may be remote
  • All code open-source!
  • Intern presentation


  • Python? Release Engineering or Automation & Tools!
  • JavaScript? DevTools!
  • Loads of C/C++ roles.
  • Roles in management, marketing, QA.

Release Engineering

Where I interned!

Help build the infrastructure that powers Mozilla's release pipeline.

Lots of Python for scripting, tooling, and APIs.

Remote-heavy, not to everyone's taste.

My Experience

tl;dr: it was great

The Team & Mozilla

Everyone at Mozilla really believes in the mission and free & open-source software.

Internal culture is very transparent.

Huge strive to cultivate the independent contributor community.

Some of the smartest people in the world (Rust/Servo, standards committees, JavaScript...).

Mozilla San Francisco's roof deck

San Francisco & Other Interns

Beautiful, vibrant city and area.

Huge network of the top CS students in the U.S./Canada interning in the area.

Hackathons, The Intern Project, parties etc.

View from my balcony

Dolores Park, San Francisco

View of San Francisco from Sausalito, CA

Interning Abroad


He said in all-caps...

Reasons you should

  • Great pay [1].
  • Calibre of companies.
  • New friends, new network.
  • All your friends get J1s, why not you?.

Companies to apply to

  • Mozilla!
  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo.
  • Twitter, Square, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, Stripe, Intercom, Palantir, LinkedIn, Twilio, VMWare, Salesforce.